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Slicing the corn ...

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Educational visit to Tenuta Pantano Borghese

Today we begin the activity of educational visits: children with their joy on a sunny day learn how cows live and how they produce milk!
Then they make the pizzas in the wood oven and ...... we eat all together, a success!

Opening of S. Giovanni Metro C station, getting to the heart of Rome is even faster!

The San Giovanni museum station of Metro C will be open on Saturday 12 May . The opening of the station will allow for the first time the connection between lines C and A , which already passes through San Giovanni.
From the Pantano Monte Compatri station, located at the entrance to the Pantano Borghese Estate, our guests can take advantage of a convenient and quick connection to the center of Rome . The frequency of convoys in the initial phase will be one every 12 minutes with the management body undertaking to bring this interval to 9 minutes.

The clients of the LATTESANO farm visiting the Pantano Borghese estate

Tenuta Pantano Borghese has opened its doors to the customers of the LATTESANO farm